2017 is going to be my Best Year Ever!


When I think of 2016, the following words come to my mind: Serendipity, Happiness, Success, Favor, Grace. Based on these words you would think I had a perfect year. I didn’t. But, I have learned to see the positive in life more than the negative. I told myself I was going to “Happy Myself” and I did.

I think in life we attract what we are. And when we are ready to receive, life gives.

2016 was about preparing myself for growth. On several occasions I asked God to show me glimpses of what He has for me, and He did. Which is why I can boldly say that 2017 is going to be my best year ever, just as 2016 was my best year ever. And every year from now on. It’s about channeling your mind to think differently, to expect differently. I don’t want to be around people that aren’t pushing themselves to excel in their expectations, their actions, their thoughts, their life. If you don’t take charge of your life, your life will take charge of you. That’s how people become so drained. There is no purpose, no plan, no goal. They just exist.. breathe.. sleep..eat.

We need more people crazy enough to excel within their purpose. I have to add this because I am by no means saying that all of us should step out to change the entire world. But you can change your own world, or someone else that may need your help. You have something in you that somebody needs. In 2017, there are people WAITING for you to walk in your purpose. Just like you need certain people in 2017 to walk in alignment with God’s plan for their lives. Our lives are intertwined, we need each other. What are your plans in life? What are those silly, crazy dreams that you don’t want to tell anyone about because they seem impossible? Write them down and work towards them. Most successful people didn’t know exactly how popular, rich or successful they would become but they had a goal, a plan, an idea that they pursued.

I look forward to 2017 because it is going to be an awesome year. I am going to do things I have never done, meet people I never thought I would meet and go to places I could’ve even have dreamt of. Why? Because I have an expectation. Why? Well, Why not.. that’s why?!

I know, I know.. some of you don’t believe in these cliche new year’s resolutions, but what if you decide to give it a try and when you fail, you try again. Don’t expect everything to go perfectly or as planned in January 2017. Probably, the first few months will be filled with trials. But if you keep persevering, you will win. Our mind is incredibly powerful. So if you are filling it with insecurities, negativity, doubt.. all of that becomes your reality.

Pray, like crazy.. When you become overwhelmed and you feel like you cant make it through another day.. just pray. I promise you God hears all of our prayers, even the ones we deem silly.

God loves us soooooooo much and He has great plans for us. But we have to be open and willing to be used for His glory. Many didn’t make it, but you did. Yes, it’s “just another day, just another month, just another year” but it’s also a great point for reflecting and setting new goals. It’s like a book with many chapters. It’s just another page but also a new chapter. A lot can change in a new chapter. Pray for a great year with great ups but also ask God for the strength to make it through the downs.

Please in 2017 don’t neglect:

  1. Your family. I know, sometimes you want to strangle them or you become tired of trying, but give grace. God knew what He was doing when He put you in a certain family. Love them, and when they mess up, pray for them. This may be the year that you ‘see’ your prayers being answered.
  2. Your friends. The ones that have always been there for you. The ones that truly want to see you doing good. The ones that you don’t always like, especially when they tell you the painful truth. Cherish them over the ones that just want to ride along when it’s fun and comfortable. There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother/sister.
  3. Your Significant Other. If you are married or preparing for marriage, please protect what is yours. Don’t settle for less. Give selflessly. We weren’t made to be alone. But don’t be in a relationship to feel comfortable. If it doesn’t make you a better person.. I don’t know if its worth it.
  4. God. It baffles my mind to know that some people think that they don’t need God. They have no idea that even though they don’t acknowledge Him, God gives them breath, shelter, food, love, grace, everything they need. But all this means is that we need to do a better job of portraying Christ to a world that is longing for peace, joy, life. We can find it in Him. It is our duty, not to be so obsessed with rules that we become like Pharisees, able to quote scripture but not act out of love.
  5. Yourself. Don’t. Neglect. Yourself. Pamper yourself, invest in yourself, care for yourself. If you don’t first help yourself, you cannot help others. You can only give, what you have.

You can not fail, You should not fail, You will not fail!


Why I think university isn’t all that.

Now before you start judging me based on the title (cause you know how some of you can be!), let me explain.

I started writing this post weeks before my Master’s degree ceremony. I almost didn’t go. Heck, I had just gotten back from a great trip and kind of forgot about it actually. But I can say that I am happy that I attended, for a few reasons:

  1. It’s ok to take some time to celebrate achievements.
  2. It was nice to see the faces of the other students/lecturers (esp. my study buddy) and reflect upon that year.
  3. I got to wear a cute dress and high heels.
  4. I realised that I was born to stand out… (I have a photo to prove that, lol.)


Ok… So back to why I think university isn’t all that…

I am a proud graduate with a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree. This seems to be a decent achievement for a 25-year old lady and I guess it is. Plus, I wouldn’t trade any (ok, maybe just a couple) of the experiences I have had for anything! I think it’s nice that I get to put it on my resume and tell people about it but there’s more to the story than just that. University taught me a lot but most especially it taught me that it isn’t all that… unless you make it into all that and then more.

What do I mean? I mean that we need to shift our emphasis and definition of “education” towards that which really matters. Education is extremely important to me. I could talk about it for years straight.. ok, ok maybe just hours but you get what I mean. But to me, education is not just getting the highest attainable degree or award. It’s about learning, discovering, gaining and sharing knowledge and bettering yourself and the world around you. That is what excites me most about education. Your intelligence is not in how many degrees you have, it is in everything you have wisely accumulated over the years.

To be honest, it started at a young age for me. I really enjoyed school not really for the people but because I got to learn and work (my teachers actually complained to my parents in my first class of primary school. Apparently, I didn’t really talk to the other kids unless necessary. I just sat there quietly and did my work. I didn’t know that was a ‘bad’ thing). So eventually, all of this resulted into me going to university. It wasn’t because my parents or society pressured me into it. There was no “you better come home with 10+ on your report card”. It was an environment of, “just do your best, God is on your side.” It was comforting.

I am happy that I went to university for two degrees and it shouldn’t shock anyone if I decide to return back to university. But I will never be bullied into it. I remember a time after my Bachelor’s where my mum was starting to feel uncomfortable because I had finished my degree but I wasn’t looking for a job nor was I looking at doing another degree. She must have wondered what others would think. As for me, I was so unbothered! I wanted to make sure that I followed the steps that God has for me in His perfect plan. So that is exactly what I pursued and talked to God about. It wasn’t until a year later that I felt a strong desire to further my education and pursue a Masters degree in a field I love.

So along the line one of the things that I have learned is that not everyone will go to university or further their studies (i.e. Masters degree or PhD) but that doesn’t mean that they can’t pursue an education. If you have the opportunity to go to university, please go! You will learn a lot AND also because not all drop-outs become great entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and co. But if you don’t have that possibility to go to university you can still educate yourself. Read books, read articles, listening to podcasts, find mentors! There are endless possibilities. Sorry to say but if you can be ignorant on important topics in this day and age, then it is because you choose to be, so if you’re busy complaining and throwing yourself a pity party, don’t invite me please!


With all of this being said, I believe that university is important but education is the key word.

There is actually hope for all of us and we don’t need a paper to prove it!


25 things I have learned in 25 years.

jem at 25.JPG

25 things I have learned at age 25:

  1. Forgive them, forgive yourself. It is so important to forgive people that have hurt you in the past. Don’t wait for an apology. I will never forget that night, almost 5 years ago, when I felt the Spirit prompt be to read an article on forgiveness. it forever changed my view on it. I realized that the power was within me. Waiting for an apology in order to forgive someone puts the power in their hands. Sometimes people hurt you on purpose but most of the times they don’t and they have moved on. We should always seek to see the best in others and forgive them and in turn ourselves. Forgiveness does not always mean that everything goes back to normal but it means that you wont use what they did against them and against yourself. It’s freeing trust me.
  2. Dream BIG. Your dreams should make you uncomfortable. I have big dreams, silly and impossible dreams and I love each and every one of them. I have a feeling I am crazy enough to have them come through for me. With God all things are possible. Make sure you aren’t pursuing someone else’s dream but yours. Work hard on it and succeed (and shame the devil!).
  3. Happy yourself. Happiness is an inside job, it comes from within. I feel bad for people that need others to be happy. Happiness does not come from people, or things, or food. True happiness comes from within. You don’t have to depend on anyone for it. Just you and the Spirit that dwells within.
  4. Appreciate the people that were in your life, are in your life and will come into your life.  This one is powerful. I absolutely appreciate the people that are in my life. I may not always have the right words to tell them but I pray for them and I do feel truly blessed to have a great support system. But I also appreciate the people that were in my life because they contributed in a way, big or small, to the person that I am today. And of course, those that are still to come. I am open to positive vibes so whoever is going to come into my life with positive energy, I can not wait to meet.
  5. Failure is good. I don’t love failure but I have come to enjoy it in a weird way. I mean, I would much rather succeed but I really don’t mind failing. It’s like a new chance to become even better and aim even higher. People that are afraid of failing usually wont start. There is no bigger failure than not starting at all.
  6. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear, we all know it. I used to be afraid of fear. It used to cripple me and sometimes it still does. But I am learning to feel it and still do whatever it is I was going to do. Because 9 times out of 10, the thing you were scared of happens to be the best thing that could happen to you.
  7. Be generous with your resources. Generosity is key. OMG. Can I take a moment to preach on this though? It’s so interesting because I don’t have a lot of money, my family doesn’t have a lot of money but God always comes through. Reason? Generosity. From a young age my parents have taught me to be generous with my time, money, attention, love. So any time I get the opportunity to bless someone, I try to do it. It is not because I have a lot of resources at hand but because God expects it from me. I serve a generous God, it is the least I could do for his children.
  8. Loosen up, everything is not that deep. This one is for me because I tend to have a hard time loosening up. I am a hard worker and usually have a hard time switching up the modes. But the truth is everything isn’t that deep. The thing you’re stressing about today may not be relevant anymore tomorrow.
  9. Never give up on love. I love love. Love is amazing. It makes you happy, bold, positive, strong. But sometimes when misused it can make you lose trust. But true love conquers all. People that give up on love become bitter and bitterness shows on your face. Never give up on love, it is the essence of life.
  10. Invest in your (physical, emotional, spiritual) wellbeing. I am not always the best when it comes to this but I have learned to value it. I love to invest in myself by reading, writing, praying, exercising and eating healthy. I often fail but I don’t give up!
  11. Racism is still alive but that won’t stop me. I know.. people are bored of hearing/talking about it but it doesn’t change the fact. It is still alive but I have learned to rise above it. Literally, whether you love me or hate me because of my outward appearance that it your problem. I continue to rise and I absolutely love myself. If they won’t give you the job, create your own! If you can sit with them, create your own space! You don’t need anyone that isn’t rooting for you. Develop your fullest potential and nobody can stop you.
  12. “I don’t have the time” is an excuse so stop saying it. Ha! I say it too. But the truth is that you make time for what you want and that is okay. Stop blaming it on time. Everyone in this world has 24 hours in a day and people are doing great things within those hours and so can you.
  13. It’s okay to say NO. I am learning this. I really am. I am learning to say no to things I don’t want to do or places I don’t want to go. I don’t have to please everyone. Saying no doesn’t make me wicked… it makes me human!
  14. Don’t body shame, just don’t. Think its safe to say that almost every person in the world has at some point experienced body shaming. I can’t act like a saint and say that I havent done it before. It’s either you’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, etc. etc. But the truth is that confident people don’t need to body shame because they are happy with themselves and therefore see beauty in others too. So next time you’re about to shame someone, take a look at yourself and if you feel like you’re perfect then proceed.
  15. JESUS = GOD. I know that christians don’t always get the best reputation but I am a proud follower of Christ and will gladly tell you about it and explain why. First time I heard that Jesus is actually God I was confused. But I now fully understand and it is just a beautiful thing to know that God would humble himself so much to come to earth in a human form and die for our sins.
  16. Pray and meditate. Prayer is key. I have gone through periods where I would silently hurt and even though I had amazing people around me I felt completely alone. It is prayer that helped me know and understand that there is someone much bigger than me that is taking care of me. Pray for yourself but more especially pray for others and watch God manifest the things you asked him for.
  17. READ BOOKS. I am a sucker for good books. I love to read books especially on business, christianity, self-help, love. Reading books has helped me understand the world and people much better. It has helped me in my speech and performance. It has enabled me to have deep discussions with people much older than me. Moral of it: READ BOOKS!! lol..
  18. Don’t settle for mediocrity.  Never settle for less. Not in love, not in school, not in work, not in ANYTHING. You deserve the best. Just invest in yourself.
  19. Don’t tell your dreams and visions too soon. I have done this before and missed out on things. Some things are for a specific time. Habbakuk 2 tells us to write down the vision for a set time. When God gives you a dream or vision hold on to it and watch him manifest it. You don’t always have to talk too much. Let your actions speak for you.
  20. You become like the people you hang out with the most. What is it again? You become like the 5 people you hang out with the most. Yeah, so whatever you’re trying to become: rich, successful, happy, devoted believer, smart well those are the kind of people you need to hang with.
  21. Speak up. Don’t always keep things to yourself. I am a deep thinker but I am learning to speak up. It is okay to let people know what’s going on in your mind and in your life. It is okay to ask for help or offer help. It is also okay to speak up for those that cant speak for themselves. Be a voice.
  22. FEMINISM. I am a feminist. At least I like to think I am. But this word means different things to different people. Now before you start throwing tomatoes at me let me explain. When I say that I am a feminist all I mean to say is that I believe in equal rights for men and women. I am not saying that men and women are exactly the same because we are clearly not. But it doesn’t mean that I cannot have a discussion with a man or that my place of belonging is in the kitchen or that I shouldn’t study and get as many degrees as I would like. To many this is common sense but not to all. So if you are a chauvinist, I will find you and I will KI.. kick you with my words lol.
  23. Celebrate other people’s achievements. We should be like Tyra Banks (“I was ROOTING for you.”) We should root, support other people. I am so grateful when I get to invest in others. Literally people that only want to make it themselves usually don’t make it. That’s just not how life works. Celebrate other people’s achievements. When people around you are succeeding it means your blessing is around the corner.
  24. Everyone doesn’t have to like you, doesn’t make them a hater either. Some people love to dwell on their so-called haters. Why would you want everyone to love you? People like or love you based on what they think they know about you. We are human beings so we will misunderstand each other. It is okay.
  25. No one is perfect. At the end of the day no one is perfect and I am so happy for that. We are all different and that is exactly how God intended for it to be. Perfect is boring, it means you have arrived.

Are Ghanaian men chauvinists?

Chauvinism: an attitude that the members of your own sex are always better than those of the opposite sex.

Chivalry: an honorable and polite way of behaving especially toward women.

Ok, So I had to write this post because it is something that bothered me while I was in Ghana. I am a “feminist” and I know that to many that sounds like a dirty word that shouldn’t be used, but it’s not. I was a feminist before I even knew that there was an actual word for it. When I say I am a feminist, I say that I believe in equal rights for both men and women. I am not saying that we are the same because we are obviously not. But just because men and women are different does not mean that one is better than the other. So it is safe to say that I was surprised to find that some men perceived me as being too ‘masculine’ by wanting to achieve the same things they did. I have never in my life seen myself to be competing with men on any level. I am only competing with myself to be better than the person I was yesterday. But I guess my eagerness to make the most out of my life made some uncomfortable?

So experiences  like this caused me to do my own little research within my research to know, are Ghanaian men really chauvinists?

Well what I found out is that some people were raised in a certain traditional way which caused them to view women a certain way. Others have certain experiences with women which caused them to view women a certain way. A lot of men feel the pressure of society to be a certain way and so do women. But what if we were allowed to be ourselves?

But most importantly I found out that most Ghanaian men I met aren’t chauvinists, and they might not want to admit but they are probably feminists. Another thing is that men shouldn’t confuse chivalry with chauvinism. The fact that you open the door for me doesn’t mean that I am too weak to do it myself, the fact that you paid for my meal doesn’t mean I can’t pay for myself, the fact that you try to protect me doesn’t mean I can’t protect myself (well in my case I do need the protection of someone bigger lol) but the point is even if I could do all these things myself, I love that you are willing to do them for me and I respect you for it but even if you didn’t do them I would still respect you as a person. And all I ask is that you do the same in return. Don’t tell me to stop learning so much because I am a woman, don’t tell me not to argue with you because I am a woman, don’t tell me all the things you don’t want me to do because I am a woman. Just allow me to be me, as I allow you to be you.

So, my conclusion: All Ghanaian men are not chauvinists but we can all together (men and women) help change the minds of those that are. Let’s treat each other with the love and respect that we expect from others.


Hugs and kisses,


A foreigner in my own country…

“Where are you from?” I always struggle with answering this question because I am never sure of how to answer it. I was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. But both my parents were born and raised in Ghana and left when they were close to thirty years old. So I was raised with both the Dutch culture and the Ghanaian culture. I find that when I am in Holland, people perceive me as a foreigner. And then when I go to Ghana, people there perceive me as a foreigner. So I think I should just call myself a citizen of the world.

So how is it like being a foreigner in Ghana? There’s the good, the bad and the ugly. The good is that some people tend to be extra helpful. They want to make sure you enjoy your stay and want you to be your friend. I think Ghanaians, in general, love making new friends. The bad is that some people have extra high expectations of you. They assume that you come from, the land of Euphoria, a place that is close to perfection and would love to trade places with you (thankfully this group is getting smaller). Another thing is that people genuinely don’t understand you when you talk, its either too fast or just unclear. I have had people tell me that I need to talk properly so they can understand me. Ouch. Well I had to try and speak slowly and articulated so that everyone could get me. The ugly is that everything is expensive for a foreigner. People assume that I have a lot of money so I have to pay three times as much as a ‘real’ Ghanaian. In case you are wondering what a ‘real’ Ghanaian is, well lets just say I am still trying to figure that out myself too. I just know that I had to pay a taxi driver 40 ghana cedis for a drive that should have cost me 25 ghana cedis. And when I went to change money at the FOREX bureau, this guy told me that the exchange rate had changed (within 5 minutes) and that I would therefore get less cedis than my dad who had just changed money and returned to the car. It is probably my accent which does not work in my favor or maybe it is something else. I could speak twi but I am slightly ashamed of the fact that my twi is not that good. So I just go for comfort and speak english and when I realized I am being duped I turn to twi.

So am I proud to be a Dutch and also a Ghanaian? Yes, Absolutely. I wouldn’t be any less awesome if I was fully Dutch or fully Ghanaian but I think growing up with multiple cultural backgrounds has helped me understand people better. I can compare both countries to each other and see similarities but also great differences. I realize one country is not better than the other. They are just different and our differences make us unique.

Hugs and kisses,



Final day: Bye Ghana, Hello Holland!

So today is the 28th of April, the day I fly back to Amsterdam. I have been to Ghana several times before but never have I been this sad to leave and not know when I will return. I started my day early because I still had to pack my bags. Yes, I always leave this till the last day because I strongly dislike packing.

Unfortunately for me, the people at ECG did not know or care that it was my last day in Ghana so of course there was dumsor (power outings). I had to pack my bags in the heat and as if that wasn’t bad enough it started raining heavily. But I had promised myself not to let anything or anyone piss me off this day. I wanted to leave Ghana with a smile, which I did. I made awesome friends here and each and every one of them remembered to wish me a safe flight. To me, the little things are the big things.

Fast forward we went to the airport and while waiting in line for security checks (close to the entrance – its a new thing apparently) I overheard the people behind me in line talk. They didn’t know each other and one asked the other whether he was in Ghana for holidays. To which he answered: “Holidays? In Ghana? No of course not. I am here for business.” Then they went on to say some more silly things but this was enough to almost piss me off. I was literally having flashbacks of all the wondering things I had experienced in Ghana and how I think it is a great place to visit for holidays and how I could not understand how these people thought otherwise. But then I realized that everything is about perception. If you go to any place in the world with preconceived ideas and a certain attitude then everything you see or experience will be in that same light. So I decided to not turn around to ‘defend’ this beautiful country but to accept that everyone has their opinion. I am just grateful that I came here with a critical yet open mind and as a result was able to see beauty, so much beauty.

But as positive and open minded as I believe I was, I was quickly reminded that I was still in Ghana so something or someone will try to piss me off. We went through all the checks and went to our gate. At that point I was hungry and decided to get a pastry. I left the gate to the small ‘bakery’ to get a sausage roll. The lady told me that would be 18 ghc.. for a sausage roll. Anyways, I was hungry so I just went for it. I gave the lady 20 ghc, she took it and looked at me and went (with no emotion whatsoever): “Oh.. I don’t have any change.. Unless I go out and get some change for you.” At that point I realized that what she was trying to say was: “Oh.. I need to give you 2 ghc change but I actually want to keep it so I will give you an excuse so that you tell me to just keep it.” So I decided to act along and told her to keep it. Looking back, I probably should’ve waited for her to give me my change. It is not about the money but the mindset behind this all. Well, as I said, I wasn’t going to let anything or anyone ruin my day so on this day without complaining, I bought the most expensive pastry ever (and in case you are wondering… it wasn’t good lol!)

Approximately 8 hours later I was back home. Back to reality. Back to the cold. Back to my friends and my family. And even though I miss Ghana it is good to be back home and reflect on all the things I was able to achieve and all the things I still want to achieve.

To be continued….

Hugs and kisses,




Day 19: Dziffa.com & Circumspecte.com

So today I had an interview with a young lady called Dziffa at the Impact Hub in Accra. I know of two really cool Tech Hubs in Accra which are iSpace in Labone and as I mentioned earlier Impact Hub. These hubs offer office space for startups but obviously also a place to meet other entrepreneurs.

Anyways, I had an interview with Dziffa and was very much inspired by her dream. She is still very young but very determined to contribute to the Ghanaian economy and community. Together with her team they run an online platform/marketplace/e-business where you can buy beautiful handmade crafts. The idea is to make these products available to a bigger market, so not just locals but also people outside of Ghana that are interested in buying handmade products. At the same time this will also help boost the business of local artisans.

Checkout her website for more information: http://www.dziffa.com

Further I met with Jamila from circumspecte.com for an interview at the Vida E Caffe, Labone. Vida E Caffe is a nice coffee shop in Ghana. Since there is no Starbucks (yet!), Vida E Caffe is a nice place to sit, have a drink and work. Jamila is a very international women. She has studied and worked in quite a few countries inside and outside of Africa. She has a special interest in development of emerging markets, especially those in Africa, towards economic purpose and dealing with poverty issues.The team behind circumspecte.com is working on positioning themselves as the go to platform for opinions and insights from Africans or people with a vested interest in the wellbeing of the African continent.

Definitely check out the website for interesting articles and more information: http://www.circumspecte.com

Hugs and kisses,



Day 17: LX HR & Mr. Green Recycling

One of the entrepreneurs I had the privilege of interviewing is Lexy Boahene. She is currently living in Ghana and running a successful consultancy firm. Lexy used to live in the UK but made the decision to move back. LX HR focuses on HR consultancy, recruitment and training learning and development. I think consulting services are very much needed anywhere in the world but especially in Ghana. I have the feeling that a lot of  people start businesses and have this ‘we’ll see how it goes’ kind of approach which could be exciting but also dangerous. With the help of a consultant or business coach people could get some valuable and critical feedback as to how to shape or improve their business.

Anyways if you want to know more about LX HR solutions you can check them out:

http://www.lxhrsolutions.com or like their Facebook page!


lx hr

Hugs and kisses,


This car is on fire?! & Bye-bye Barca

Today was the Atletico Madrid – Barcelona (Champions League) match so I went to watch it with my bro. Driving in Ghana to me is an interesting happening. Rule no. 1: There are no rules. Rule no.2: Never forget rule no.1. But things did get interesting on the road today when my bro said the following words: “There is fire in the car!”. Literally, I was ready to JUMP out of the car. Fire in the car? Oh, HELL NO. Well, it turned out to be false alarm. I needed at least 30 seconds to comprehend what just happened and get my blood pressure back to normal. I did crack up, thinking about how quick I was able to react to those scary words. I think that playing off worse case scenario’s in my head every now and then helped me lol. Anyways we proceeded to the bar/club area where we went to watch the match.

Upon arrival, we entered this air conditioned place where people were seated and ready to watch the match. I had a seat and waited for my Fanta and chicken wings. I noticed something. My brother didn’t order anything nor did most of the other men. They were so focused on the match that they had no time to waste on food. None of that stopped me from enjoying my chicken wings. Fifteen minutes into the match, things became interesting. On the field yes but especially in the lounge area. These men starting screaming at each other (out of excitement). When I say screaming, I mean proper screaming. I love how men take football way too serious. Anytime they got a call, they would react something like this:” Ahh.. why is person X calling me right now? Does person X not know that there is football on?!” Lol! All this while I was thinking that most of the men were supporting Barca, until Atletico Madrid scored and the roof almost came down. Haha, the excitement of these people. AMAZING! So yeah.. Atletico Madrid won, Messi’s barca lost. I had an amazing time and will definitely be watching more football with Ghanaians. That was my day. I didn’t die so I guess it is safe to say I had a pretty successful day.

Hugs and kisses,


Day 12: The day of the flood..

So I experienced some serious flooding here in Accra, Ghana today.. to be specific in my room. I didn’t take a picture, I was too embarrassed lol.

So you know how there is this dumsor thing here in Ghana where you don’t have any electricity? Well there is also this dumsor thing were there is no water running from the tap. So most people have large plastic water buckets in which they store water for the periods when there is none. One big difference between myself and those people is that I have no patience to wait for the bucket to be filled and that I don’t have an amazing memory. The combination of these two led to ‘The Flood’. So I was just outside the bathroom, in my room playing with my little cousin. Then my dad came in and called me to watch the Chelsea – Swansea football match so obviously I had to leave everything to go watch it.

After the match I was feeling thirsty, so as I walked towards the refrigerator to get a bottle of water, it hit me, I panicked and ran to my room. During those 5 seconds where I raced to my room, I already knew that I was.. screwed (excuse my french). Water EVERYWHERE. I thought to myself the less people know about this flood, the better. There was just one tiny little problem. My little cousin came inside and she does a great job broadcasting news. In no time everyone in the house had heard the news. Atleast that meant that I did not have to do all the cleaning by myself. Getting rid of all the water more tiring than a workout. So I guess the water problem is another thing I don’t love about Ghana or did  this accident have more to do with my memory?

Hugs & Kisses,