Time to get busy today! I wanted to go to the university library to work on my thesis. My dad drove me to the Legon University Campus, which is pretty big. But, it did not go as planned. Upon entering the premises, I was ‘called’ by the security guard. In reality he said ‘sssssss’ but in Ghana that equals, ‘hey you there!’. He then proceeded to tell me that I could not enter the building with my bags. When I looked to my right, I indeed saw a lot of bags from students. Everyone was walking around with their laptops. I didn’t even waste time and decided to get back to the car. Why? Well because anyone that knows me will know that I always carry way too much stuff with me. Yes, I need my laptop, tablet and camera, and a reading book, and body lotion, and 10 different pens, and a snack, and mineral water and everything else I carry around! So anyways, I decided to just leave and find another place to work from.


We then went to the Tayiba restaurant which is right next to the Botanical Gardens in Legon. I sat down there, had a drink and some yam chips, and worked on my thesis as I prepared for the interviews I would be conducting.


The question I constantly get is whether entrepreneurship is really booming in Ghana. Well one thing I have noticed is that entrepreneurship is everywhere in Ghana. Literally at the roadside, you will find ‘entrepreneurs’. It all really depends on your definition of entrepreneurship. One thing I love about entrepreneurship is that there is not one right or wrong definition. In terms of Schumpeterian entrepreneurship (= innovative ideas that are turnt into high growth companies and basically change how things are done on the market), it is currently much lower in Ghana than in the Western world. Necessity drives a lot of people to set up a micro or small businesses to earn money. But you will also find entrepreneurs with really creative ideas, multiple businesses or with six-figure salaries.

After working hard at the Tayiba restaurant, I went to the Botanical gardens which is right next to it. I paid the entrance fee which is currently less than 10 cedis. But I was told that the Gardens are under construction so the rate might increase and there are different rates for different activities. So I proceeded and took out my camera to take pictures. I was then told by the accountant of the BG that I was not allowed to take pictures. Oops. I decided to make use of the opportunity and asked him for a quick tour of the BG and some background information. I soon found out that we had some things in common. For example, the Dutch government and Dutch partners are involved in the BG. And our parents come from towns that are not too far from each other. I managed to take a quick photo. Ssst, don’t tell anyone!

The Botanical Gardens is an awesome place to just relax, have a party or conference or bring your kids (there is a nice playground area). I have been told that in a few months time they will have boat rides, a canopy walk and even a basketball field so I will definitely come back for that!


Hugs & Kisses,