The day has finally arrived! I am traveling to Ghana for almost five weeks. Why you may ask. Is it for holidays? Yes, kind of. For university? Yes, kind of. For business? Yes, kind of. All work and no play would make Jill a dull girl. So even though my main goal is to do research in Ghana, I will also make sure I enjoy the weather, the food, and the hospitality of my people.

28th of March @ 13:30 – I arrived at Schiphol Airport excited and ready to start my journey to Accra. In general, I do not mind flying but I do not love it either. I mean let’s be real who really loves turbulence? Well not me. But I actually enjoyed this flight. I watched the movies Bon Bini Holland, Creed, and the Intern. These movies were so much fun to watch that I didn’t even have time to sleep. Another good thing was that there was no passenger sitting next to me on my right so I had extra space #teamwinning.

After our six hour flight, we had safely arrived at Kotoka Airport. If you have ever been in Ghana, you will know that the first thing you are greeted with is the smell and of course the heat and not to forget, my favorites, the mosquitoes. It is this unexplainable smell that screams ‘home’ to me. I was happy and satisfied and convinced that nothing could ruin my good mood. Nothing except for, the following, the exhaustively long lines for passport checks. Ghanaians (yes, this might be a generalisation) love to take their time when they are working. They tend to work at a much slower pace than I am used to and comfortable with. The biggest explanation (or excuse?) I can find for this is the warm weather. Nevertheless, after having travelled for hours, you don’t want to spend another hour waiting in line. Hmm, anyone else smell a business opportunity?



So what is it exactly that brings me to Ghana?

I would say its the love I have for the country and its people. I might not have been born in Ghana but Ghana was definitely born within me. Once I found out I could do research or an internship anywhere in the world, it felt right for me to come home. I have the privilege of interviewing Ghanaian entrepreneurs and understanding the processes that are involved in their business decision making. In the process of learning and researching I hope to get inspired.

I will use this blog to share some of my experiences! Let me take you along on my journey….


Hugs & Kisses,