Day three of my stay, so far so good! I have managed to get an interview on friday so I proceeded to find a nice spot where I can work on structuring my interview questions. I went to Amir Hotel in Achimota Kisseman (Next to the Pure Fire church building). Once I got there I met the lovely manager Sofia who took me to the Sky Garden restaurant. I find customer service extremely important, so I really appreciated the fact that the manager was so hospitable.

There was an amazing breeze and it was perfect for working. But I eventually had to switch places cause my laptop almost flew off the table. I would have cried if that actually happened. Yes, it is that deep!

I ordered a fresh mango juice and half chicken with jollof rice. It was good!! I must have spend about four hours at the restaurant. It is a nice hotel and they also have a spa, hair salon and more. Another awesome day. Now time to sleep!


Hugs & Kisses,