My location for the day was the GIMPA: Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. After my successful interviews  on friday, it was time for me to transcribe all the information. I went to the GIMPA university campus library. The campuses in Ghana are really big and have few sign boards so we had to constantly ask students where the library was. One lady was kind enough to get in the car with us and show us the way. Just like the library at the Legon University I was not allowed to take my bags with me but this time I was prepared. I took my laptop and phone with me and started transcribing the interviews. Unfortunately I couldn’t carry my camera with me so I took a quick picture of my desk with my phone. It was really quiet and there were just a few students studying which I understand because it is weekend.



Since it is weekend, the library was only open until 16pm. I was able to transcribe one interview and then it was time to leave already. I went home to enjoy a nice meal of yam and spinach (kontomire) stew.


Hugs & Kisses,