So without a doubt sunday is church day for me. There are a lot of churches in Ghana – literally on every corner. This sunday I went to fellowship with Tabernacle of Jesus Church (I believe that is the name of the church but don’t pin me down on it lol). So anyways, this church is in Tema, about 40 minutes from my house. It is a small (community) church but I always enjoy the service (singing, dancing and hearing God’s word).

After the service we want back home to enjoy a nice meal – fufu and light soup. I really love the local Ghanaian dishes.

Then after having lunch/dinner we want to Airport Hills, which is a gated area. You need to know someone there before you can enter. I had the privilege of interviewing an entrepreneur there. I got to see really massive and beautiful houses. Nothing compared to the houses I have seen back in Holland. The differences between rich and poor are (in my opinion) pretty big in Ghana. Nevertheless, I see joy in people’s eyes. There is a level of contentment that people have learned to reach here that we could learn a lot from in the Western world.


Hugs & Kisses,