Today I had an interview that I was very excited about. It was my meeting with the managing partner of Creo Concepts. I had first heard about Creo Concepts through my sister. She had heard of Creo Concepts during the first TEDxAccra event in april 2015. She told me about it but I hadn’t seen any work by Creo so I just left it at that. It was not until one of their works went viral to the extent that almost every Ghanaian lady in my Facebook or whatsapp list posted a picture with their day name. So a bit of background information on the day names. In Ghana every day in the week has a day name for women and for men. So for example a woman that is born on sunday is called ‘Akosua’. Apparently Akosuas are patient, confident, adaptable, helpful and smart. These are obviously just a few characteristics of Akosua. I must say that I agree and I am not just saying that because I am an Akosua. So basically Creo Concepts did such an amazing job on the design but also the fact that their work is online and digital makes is very easy for people to share and for it to go viral. Anyways after seeing some of their creations, I was determined to get an interview with Creo Concepts.

To my own surprise I was able to have an interview and I ended up being inspired and excited to see how far Creo Concepts can take their business. They have a really cool team and allow their creativity to play a leading role in their job. They have found a way to make work fun and refuse to accept mediocrity and rather go for excellence. The expertise and creative talents that work for Creo Concepts make it the company that it is. Creo Concepts is a creative agency or an advertising agency if you will. But they do so much that it is hard to put a label on them. Their work really speaks for itself and I am pretty sure they are going to be even bigger in the next few years. I would just advice everyone to check their work out: or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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Hugs & Kisses,