I had another interview today with a diaspora entrepreneur. He has his own school in Ghana and has grown a lot since he first started. It was a very inspirational interview. He lived in Europe for almost 30 years but always knew that he’d like to return back to Ghana. He has close to hundred kids and expects to grow with at least 300% in the next few years. He found a solution for his school (for the electricity problems in Ghana) by using solar panels.

Afterwards we want to the West Hills Mall. I think it is said to be the biggest mall in the whole of West Africa.

I love natural products so when I walked passed this store, I had to enter. It kind of reminded me of Lush Cosmetics just that all the products here are made in Ghana. I ended up buying three shower gels (Strawberry, Coconut and Aloe Vera and some essential oils). I will definitely visit their store again. They are in Accra Mall, West Hills Mall and Achimota Retail Center. It is called Unique Aromas and you can visit their website at http://www.uniquearomasgh.com or follow them on social media.


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