If there is nothing you know about me then you need to at least know that I love kids. Just like this one right here. This is my little cousin Lois. Lois like to have things her way. She was named after my mum! I am not saying that there is a correlation between the two nor am I saying there isn’t.

Anyways, this little girl makes me laugh so much. She is so smart for a three year old girl. Everyone in the neighborhood knows her. She can proudly sing our national anthem, national pledge and the Lord’s Prayer. I love to pick her up from school especially since her school is literally opposite to our house. We our the best of friends but we also fight everyday! But I honestly can’t even get mad at her cause she’s just too funny. She really has a large imagination and loves to tell stories, very interesting stories lol. She also loves to act! I think she could be a very successful actress, but in all honesty I think she will be successful in whatever she does. Yesterday she said that she wants to be a hairdresser in the future, today it is a police officer. I’ll just have to wait and see. But to me, she represents young kids all around the country. So beautiful and so intelligent and full of potential.


Hugs & Kisses,