So I experienced some serious flooding here in Accra, Ghana today.. to be specific in my room. I didn’t take a picture, I was too embarrassed lol.

So you know how there is this dumsor thing here in Ghana where you don’t have any electricity? Well there is also this dumsor thing were there is no water running from the tap. So most people have large plastic water buckets in which they store water for the periods when there is none. One big difference between myself and those people is that I have no patience to wait for the bucket to be filled and that I don’t have an amazing memory. The combination of these two led to ‘The Flood’. So I was just outside the bathroom, in my room playing with my little cousin. Then my dad came in and called me to watch the Chelsea – Swansea football match so obviously I had to leave everything to go watch it.

After the match I was feeling thirsty, so as I walked towards the refrigerator to get a bottle of water, it hit me, I panicked and ran to my room. During those 5 seconds where I raced to my room, I already knew that I was.. screwed (excuse my french). Water EVERYWHERE. I thought to myself the less people know about this flood, the better. There was just one tiny little problem. My little cousin came inside and she does a great job broadcasting news. In no time everyone in the house had heard the news. Atleast that meant that I did not have to do all the cleaning by myself. Getting rid of all the water more tiring than a workout. So I guess the water problem is another thing I don’t love about Ghana or did  this accident have more to do with my memory?

Hugs & Kisses,