Today was the Atletico Madrid – Barcelona (Champions League) match so I went to watch it with my bro. Driving in Ghana to me is an interesting happening. Rule no. 1: There are no rules. Rule no.2: Never forget rule no.1. But things did get interesting on the road today when my bro said the following words: “There is fire in the car!”. Literally, I was ready to JUMP out of the car. Fire in the car? Oh, HELL NO. Well, it turned out to be false alarm. I needed at least 30 seconds to comprehend what just happened and get my blood pressure back to normal. I did crack up, thinking about how quick I was able to react to those scary words. I think that playing off worse case scenario’s in my head every now and then helped me lol. Anyways we proceeded to the bar/club area where we went to watch the match.

Upon arrival, we entered this air conditioned place where people were seated and ready to watch the match. I had a seat and waited for my Fanta and chicken wings. I noticed something. My brother didn’t order anything nor did most of the other men. They were so focused on the match that they had no time to waste on food. None of that stopped me from enjoying my chicken wings. Fifteen minutes into the match, things became interesting. On the field yes but especially in the lounge area. These men starting screaming at each other (out of excitement). When I say screaming, I mean proper screaming. I love how men take football way too serious. Anytime they got a call, they would react something like this:” Ahh.. why is person X calling me right now? Does person X not know that there is football on?!” Lol! All this while I was thinking that most of the men were supporting Barca, until Atletico Madrid scored and the roof almost came down. Haha, the excitement of these people. AMAZING! So yeah.. Atletico Madrid won, Messi’s barca lost. I had an amazing time and will definitely be watching more football with Ghanaians. That was my day. I didn’t die so I guess it is safe to say I had a pretty successful day.

Hugs and kisses,