So today I had an interview with a young lady called Dziffa at the Impact Hub in Accra. I know of two really cool Tech Hubs in Accra which are iSpace in Labone and as I mentioned earlier Impact Hub. These hubs offer office space for startups but obviously also a place to meet other entrepreneurs.

Anyways, I had an interview with Dziffa and was very much inspired by her dream. She is still very young but very determined to contribute to the Ghanaian economy and community. Together with her team they run an online platform/marketplace/e-business where you can buy beautiful handmade crafts. The idea is to make these products available to a bigger market, so not just locals but also people outside of Ghana that are interested in buying handmade products. At the same time this will also help boost the business of local artisans.

Checkout her website for more information:

Further I met with Jamila from for an interview at the Vida E Caffe, Labone. Vida E Caffe is a nice coffee shop in Ghana. Since there is no Starbucks (yet!), Vida E Caffe is a nice place to sit, have a drink and work. Jamila is a very international women. She has studied and worked in quite a few countries inside and outside of Africa. She has a special interest in development of emerging markets, especially those in Africa, towards economic purpose and dealing with poverty issues.The team behind is working on positioning themselves as the go to platform for opinions and insights from Africans or people with a vested interest in the wellbeing of the African continent.

Definitely check out the website for interesting articles and more information:

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