So today is the 28th of April, the day I fly back to Amsterdam. I have been to Ghana several times before but never have I been this sad to leave and not know when I will return. I started my day early because I still had to pack my bags. Yes, I always leave this till the last day because I strongly dislike packing.

Unfortunately for me, the people at ECG did not know or care that it was my last day in Ghana so of course there was dumsor (power outings). I had to pack my bags in the heat and as if that wasn’t bad enough it started raining heavily. But I had promised myself not to let anything or anyone piss me off this day. I wanted to leave Ghana with a smile, which I did. I made awesome friends here and each and every one of them remembered to wish me a safe flight. To me, the little things are the big things.

Fast forward we went to the airport and while waiting in line for security checks (close to the entrance – its a new thing apparently) I overheard the people behind me in line talk. They didn’t know each other and one asked the other whether he was in Ghana for holidays. To which he answered: “Holidays? In Ghana? No of course not. I am here for business.” Then they went on to say some more silly things but this was enough to almost piss me off. I was literally having flashbacks of all the wondering things I had experienced in Ghana and how I think it is a great place to visit for holidays and how I could not understand how these people thought otherwise. But then I realized that everything is about perception. If you go to any place in the world with preconceived ideas and a certain attitude then everything you see or experience will be in that same light. So I decided to not turn around to ‘defend’ this beautiful country but to accept that everyone has their opinion. I am just grateful that I came here with a critical yet open mind and as a result was able to see beauty, so much beauty.

But as positive and open minded as I believe I was, I was quickly reminded that I was still in Ghana so something or someone will try to piss me off. We went through all the checks and went to our gate. At that point I was hungry and decided to get a pastry. I left the gate to the small ‘bakery’ to get a sausage roll. The lady told me that would be 18 ghc.. for a sausage roll. Anyways, I was hungry so I just went for it. I gave the lady 20 ghc, she took it and looked at me and went (with no emotion whatsoever): “Oh.. I don’t have any change.. Unless I go out and get some change for you.” At that point I realized that what she was trying to say was: “Oh.. I need to give you 2 ghc change but I actually want to keep it so I will give you an excuse so that you tell me to just keep it.” So I decided to act along and told her to keep it. Looking back, I probably should’ve waited for her to give me my change. It is not about the money but the mindset behind this all. Well, as I said, I wasn’t going to let anything or anyone ruin my day so on this day without complaining, I bought the most expensive pastry ever (and in case you are wondering… it wasn’t good lol!)

Approximately 8 hours later I was back home. Back to reality. Back to the cold. Back to my friends and my family. And even though I miss Ghana it is good to be back home and reflect on all the things I was able to achieve and all the things I still want to achieve.

To be continued….

Hugs and kisses,